Practice review – Community policing policies

As part of the review of the community-based policing policy introduced in Quebec in 2000, the International Centre for the Prevention of Crime was mandated by the Quebec Ministry of Public Safety to produce an international review of literature on the evolution of public policies on community policing, and to highlight some of the innovative practices that are taking place in Europe and in Quebec.  

The main objective of this report is to provide a state of knowledge on the implementation of public policies related to the implementation of community policing.  

Read the report (only available in French)

ICPC receives training from Québec Native Women

ICPC has received training from Québec Native Women Inc. (QNW) on the theme of “Native women and colonization”. Founded in 1974, QNW represents First Nations women of Quebec as well as Aboriginal women living in urban areas.

Among the issues addressed, emphasis was placed on the following themes:

  • Colonization;
  • The Indian Act;
  • Residential schools;
  • The adoption of Aboriginal children.

The purpose of this training was to better understand the complexity of the circle of intergenerational violence within Aboriginal communities, which stems from longstanding colonial discriminatory practices. We would like to thank Isabelle Paillé, Health Coordinator, for her presentation and her in-depth knowledge on the subject.