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The ICPC participated in the municipal summit on homelessness 

On September 15, 2023, we were privileged to represent the ICPC in the Municipal Summit on Homelessness organized by the Union des municipalités du Québec (UMQ), a member of the ICPC.   

Close to 400 leading representatives involved in the prevention and eradication of homelessness, including many of the region’s mayors and local representatives, gathered to put forward creative ideas on how to work together effectively to solve the problems associated with the situation of people living on the streets.    

In addition to funding needs, the importance of implementing innovative and sustainable solutions in Quebec, inspired on projects that have already proved effective internationally, such as the “Housing First” project in Finland, which has reduced homelessness by more than 50%, was highlighted.    

The management of urban spaces with the purpose of providing and developing resources and assistance programmes that are better adapted to meet the challenges posed by homelessness, particularly in terms of everyone’s sense of safety, is first and foremost a collaborative effort. 

ICPC interviewed on Radio-Canada’s “Les faits d’abord” radio show

On March 18th, the ICPC was invited to participate in the radio program “Les faits d’abord” on Radio-Canada to discuss the following question: Are mass killings likely to increase?

The recent tragic events in Amqui, Quebec have sparked concerns regarding violent behavior, and experts in the field have addressed the issue through a discussion. Michelle Côté, scientific advisor at the ICPC, discussed the risk behaviors associated with violent actions and proposed a multi-stakeholder approach to prevent different types of violence. Cécile Rousseau, a clinical psychiatrist and researcher who holds the Canada Research Chair in the Prevention of Violent Radicalization, emphasized the importance of prevention to avoid an increase in such tragedies, which may be related to mental health issues but are not limited to them. Dave Poitras, a scientific advisor specializing in violence prevention at the Institut national de santé publique du Québec, also participated in the discussion, shedding light on the phenomenon of contagion after a massacre and the crucial role of media in these situations.

To listen to the interview (in French):

ICPC participates in a day of workshops organized by the Quebec Ministry of Public Safety

On March 14, the ICPC had the opportunity to participate in a day of workshops on gun violence prevention, organized by the Quebec Ministry of Public Safety. The goal of the workshops was to discuss the main initiatives carried out under the 2019-2023 Action Plan, that is part of the Contribution Agreement of the Gun and Gang Violence Action Fund. We are grateful to the Ministry for providing us with this opportunity to present our activities and results in relation to our Montreal Urban Safety Laboratory. This event allowed the ICPC to share its knowledge and expertise in urban safety, and to discuss with other stakeholders involved in the fight against gun violence.

Practice review – Community policing policies

As part of the review of the community-based policing policy introduced in Quebec in 2000, the International Centre for the Prevention of Crime was mandated by the Quebec Ministry of Public Safety to produce an international review of literature on the evolution of public policies on community policing, and to highlight some of the innovative practices that are taking place in Europe and in Quebec.  

The main objective of this report is to provide a state of knowledge on the implementation of public policies related to the implementation of community policing.  

Read the report (only available in French)

ICPC receives training from Québec Native Women

ICPC has received training from Québec Native Women Inc. (QNW) on the theme of “Native women and colonization”. Founded in 1974, QNW represents First Nations women of Quebec as well as Aboriginal women living in urban areas.

Among the issues addressed, emphasis was placed on the following themes:

  • Colonization;
  • The Indian Act;
  • Residential schools;
  • The adoption of Aboriginal children.

The purpose of this training was to better understand the complexity of the circle of intergenerational violence within Aboriginal communities, which stems from longstanding colonial discriminatory practices. We would like to thank Isabelle Paillé, Health Coordinator, for her presentation and her in-depth knowledge on the subject.