Ann Champoux

Director General


Ann Champoux has been the General Director of the ICPC since March 2018. Previously, she was Assistant Deputy Minister at the Ministry of Culture and Communications and holds a Bachelor's degree in History (Université de Montréal). With nearly 30 years of experience in administration and communications, both in the private sector and in government agencies, public corporations and federal and provincial Ministries of Culture, she is now the General Director of the ICPC.

Ariane de Palacio

Director of Research


Ariane de Palacio joined the ICPC team in January 2017. She holds a Ph.D. in the geopolitics of water and hydroelectric power. She has worked as a lecturer, researcher and research assistant on a number of issues relating to multi-scale conflicts, natural resource governance, and public participation, particularly in Latin American contexts. At the ICPC, she has led several international research projects and technical assistance missions, notably with various UN agencies. As Director of Research, she oversees content development, research projects and the international strategic development of the ICPC.

Pier Alexandre Lemaire

Director of Programmes


Pier Alexandre Lemaire joined the ICPC in March 2016. Previously, he worked as a public affairs assistant at the Quebec Delegation in Boston, as a project manager in a centre for youth at risk in Nicaragua, and as a research assistant at the ICPC. Since his arrival, Pier Alexandre has been working on the 5th and 6th International Reports of the ICPC. He was in charge of projects for the evaluation and development of various prevention strategies and policies, both for the City of Montreal and for the United Nations (UN). Since 2017, he has been coordinating the Network of Exchanges and Support for Local Action (RÉSAL), aimed at facilitating the development of concerted action in crime prevention at the local level.

Kassa Bourne

Administrative Director


Kassa Bourne joined ICPC in January 2010. Originally from England, Kassa lived and worked in London, Rome and New York and arrived in Montreal in 1994. Over the past ten years, she has worked in the city's thriving multimedia sector, including five years in a management position. She holds a Master's degree in Italian and French from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland.

Michelle Côté

Scientific Advisor


Michelle Côté, Ph.D. joined the ICPC as a Scientic Advisor since December 2019. She is also a researcher at the National Institute of Legal Psychiatry Philippe-Pinel. She was part of the research and planning team of the City of Montreal Police Service for 20 years, a team she led from 2006. Carried out from 1985 to 1988 at the University of Montreal, her doctoral thesis focused on street youth in Montreal. Throughout her career, she has devoted herself to studying intersectoral intervention practices with people who are marginalized or in vulnerable situations.

Marine Bloch

Analyst and Project Officer


Marine Bloch joined the ICPC team in September 2018. Holder of a Bachelor in International Relations from the University of Geneva and a Masters in Law in Criminology and Security at the University of Lausanne, she is currently an analyst and project officer at ICPC. Since her arrival, Marine has participated in the preparation of action plans for several boroughs in the city of Montreal, as well as in the evaluation of crime prevention projects. Marine also provides support for the coordination of the Local Action Exchange and Support Network (RESAL).

Nordin Lazreg

Analyst and Project officer


Nordin Lazreg Ph.D. joined the ICPC in January 2020. He began his studies in political science at the Lumière-Lyon-II University where he obtained his license and his Master I. During his second year of Master at Science Po Paris, he became interested in public security policies in Central America, especially in El Salvador. During his doctorate years in political science at the University of Montreal, he specialized in public policy analysis with a particular interest in the transnational dimension of public action in crime prevention in Latin American countries.

Yasmina Aziki

Analyst and Project Manager


Yasmina Aziki Ph.D. joined the ICPC in March 2020. She holds a doctorate in the history of international relations from the Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, and previously worked at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) as a policy analyst in Paris. Her areas of interest and expertise are the practices of international development aid organizations and their impact on countries in the South, particularly in the MENA region. Her research, published in scientific articles, also demonstrates her knowledge of international (World Bank) and national (Kuwait Fund, Saudi Fund) development financial actors such as those in the Gulf countries.

Laurence Poulin

Communication Manager and Public Affairs advisor

Laurence Poulin is Communication Manager and Public Affairs advisor at ICPC since November 2019. She was an intern in 2017. She holds a Master's degree in International Law and applied International Policy from the University of Sherbrooke and a Bachelor of Applied Political Studies from the same university. Previously, she worked as a parliamentary assistant on Parliament Hill in Ottawa.

Teodora Mihaylova



Teodora started working on ICPC projects in 2017. Her background is in public policy and data mining, having graduated from Concordia University and HEC in Montreal. She is interested in how citizen engagement and data solutions could help enhance policy analysis in crime prevention while safeguarding ethics.

Jimmy Maharis

Research Assistant

Jimmy has recently completed his Ba. from Concordia University in Political Science. Passionate about crime prevention, he has joined the ICPC in April 2019 to work on the 7th International Report. His research interests are policy-making and the governance of crime prevention efforts. He wishes to start a Master’s in Public Policy and Administration in the near future.