Our local safety audit for the borough of Villeray-Saint-Michel-Parc-Extension highlighted in the news

As part of our local safety audit for the Villeray-Saint-Michel-Parc-Extension borough in Montreal (Canada), we invite you to listen to an interview broadcast on Radio-Canada’s “Tout un matin” programme focusing  on many problems and safety obstacles that women and elders may face on a daily basis in this borough.   

This evaluation is an integral part of a programme aimed at improving the well-being of women exposed to various forms of violence, by increasing their sense of safety. In this context, suggestions and proposals for actions aimed at strengthening their sense of safety, which could be implemented, were developed.  

Listen to the interview (from 0:00 to 1:50)

More information about our local safety audit 

ICPC interviewed on Radio-Canada’s “Les faits d’abord” radio show

On March 18th, the ICPC was invited to participate in the radio program “Les faits d’abord” on Radio-Canada to discuss the following question: Are mass killings likely to increase?

The recent tragic events in Amqui, Quebec have sparked concerns regarding violent behavior, and experts in the field have addressed the issue through a discussion. Michelle Côté, scientific advisor at the ICPC, discussed the risk behaviors associated with violent actions and proposed a multi-stakeholder approach to prevent different types of violence. Cécile Rousseau, a clinical psychiatrist and researcher who holds the Canada Research Chair in the Prevention of Violent Radicalization, emphasized the importance of prevention to avoid an increase in such tragedies, which may be related to mental health issues but are not limited to them. Dave Poitras, a scientific advisor specializing in violence prevention at the Institut national de santé publique du Québec, also participated in the discussion, shedding light on the phenomenon of contagion after a massacre and the crucial role of media in these situations.

To listen to the interview (in French): http://bit.ly/3JBYBeS

Chronicle of the ICPC on France 24

The ICPC was invited to participate in a science segment on the France 24 channel which focused on the knowledge of Canadian ways to detect and prevent the risks of delinquency among young children.

In this interview, Anne Vandelle, analyst and coordinator of activities and projects at ICPC, focuses on the work that can be done around a set of protective factors in young children. These can have a positive impact on children, specifically on their safety and sense of security. Through a few examples of programs, we highlight the importance of offsetting risk factors with protective factors, such as physical and mental health, and the feeling of of safety, in order to prevent the risk of delinquency from childhood.    

To watch the interview “Crime prevention: Scientific methods help protect minors and their families”:  https://bit.ly/3h9Gy5f