The ICPC is at the centre of a unique and dynamic network comprised of policy makers, researchers, practitioners, and non-governmental organisations from around the world focused on issues relating to crime prevention and community safety.

ICPC membership means taking part in this community and benefitting from privileged collaboration with the Centre as well as access to information and its network.

Access to the ICPC network

The ICPC network facilitates information sharing on crime prevention and community safety developments in diverse regions of the world and enables access for ICPC members to knowledge on crime prevention and safety that would not otherwise be made available. Moreover, the network enables constant exchange among members all over the world, which is at the core of ICPC activities.

ICPC members also benefit from differentiated registration fees in all ICPC events, as well as the organization of professional visits alongside annual meetings and Centre visits throughout the year, providing great learning and networking opportunities.


Through the ICPC, and therefore through our network, members can promote their crime prevention programs and policies via multiple mediums such as the International Report on Crime Prevention and Community Safety published biannually, the ICPC website, the email newsletter, social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube), seminars, and colloquiums.

The ICPC network also covers the identification of crime prevention experts from around the world with expertise on a wide range of issues.


Bridge between the world of research and practice

The Centre promotes complicity between the work of researchers and activities and strategies undertaken by practitioners. We aim for useful research that helps practitioners improve their interventions in crime prevention and community safety.


With an active presence internationally since its creation in 1994, the Centre is able to provide our members with professional support that is valid through various international forums, representing a worldwide reference for crime prevention.

How does one become a member?


ICPC membership is based on sharing common values in crime prevention and urban safety, as defined in the ICPC statutes.

According to the ICPC statutes, qualifying general members able to designate a representative are:

  • Cities, associations of cities and other regional administrations;
  • National or international non-governmental organizations;
  • Specialized institutes and research centres; universities; governmental and inter-governmental organizations;
  • Private sector businesses and organisations.

Members’ representatives are chosen from those persons holding an elected position in the organisation they represent, or from permanent employees or persons who hold a directorial position in the organisation they represent. Honorary members can also be chosen by the Board of Directors and, as such, can attend the Annual General Meeting in a non-voting capacity.


In order to become a general member, the applicant must forward a written application to the attention of the President of the Board of Directors. The application will be subsequently submitted to a vote of the Board of Directors. Membership is automatically renewed on a yearly basis, unless the member no longer meets the required qualifications, submits a resignation, or shows cause for dismissal.

Applications should be sent to the ICPC, care of Ms. Kassa Bourne, Director of Administration, at 3535 avenue du Parc, 4th floor, Montreal, H2X 2H8 (Quebec) Canada or via email: