ICPC is located in the heart of a large network of political and administrative officials, researchers and stakeholders in the field who work directly or partially in areas related to prevention. The Center is often asked to provide expertise in various projects related to crime prevention. You will find here some projects of cooperation and technical assistance in which the ICPC has been involved.

  • Winners of the DataJam Against Exploitation revealed

    Friday June 4th, at the end of the DataJam Against Exploitation that brought together 75 participants of 16 different nationalities, the winning teams were announced. In first place came Buyer Resist from Vancouver who created a web app that helped track traffickers by comparing the text from escort agency adds

  • The ICPC organizes a focus group of local Saint-Laurent stakeholders

    The ICPC met with various community and institutional key actors working in the Saint-Laurent neighbourhood as part of the process leading up to a local security diagnosis. This focus group’s goal was to better contextualize local realities, to identify the more at-risk parties, and to shed light on emerging problems

  • Upcoming Events – May

    The DataJam Against Exploitation, an online event being held May 7-17, 2021, aims to increase public awareness of human trafficking, enhance the technical and physical capacity of participants, and strengthen collaboration across interdisciplinary sectors to prevent this crime in Canada. This competition, funded by the Government of Canada, is offered

  • ICPC launches a competition to combat human trafficking in Canada

    ICPC is pleased to have launched the DataJam Against Exploitation, a technological competition to combat human trafficking in Canada, in partnership with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, Fundación Pasos Libres and IBM Corporate Social Responsibility. This competition, funded by the Government of Canada, seeks to increase public

  • PRESS RELEASE: ICPC commits to combat human trafficking in Canada

    A FIRST NATION-WIDE TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION COMPETITION TO COMBAT HUMAN TRAFFICKING IN CANADA IS LAUNCHED ICPC, in partnership with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, Fundación Pasos Libres and IBM, are proud to announce the launch of “DataJam Against Exploitation”, the country’s first of its kind online innovation competition

  • Report on Hate Crimes based on Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation Announcement

    Hate crimes based on gender identity and sexual orientation are on the rise. Attacks such as the one in Orlando on June 12 2016, against the LGBTQ community, which resulted in the death of 49 people (US), and the one in Toronto on April 23 2018 against women are both

  • Creation of an International Framework for the Evaluation of Crime Observatories

    Crime phenomena must be observed and analyzed in detail in order to implement adequate public policies. For security policies and, more specifically, crime prevention strategies to be effective, it is essential that they are based on a variety of data that are fair, of high quality, rich and up-to-date. To

  • Local Safety Audit in the Borough Ahuntsic-Cartierville

    In June, ICPC was mandated to carry out a local safety audit in the borough of Ahunstic-Cartierville. The aim of this audit is to provide a global understanding of crime-related issues in order to better understand the risk factors leading to delinquency and insecurity, and identify existing protective factors to

  • Exploratory walks organized in the Milton Park Neighborhood

    In May, ICPC was mandated by the Plateau-Mont-Royal borough to conduct exploratory walks in the Milton Park Neighborhood. This process consisting of collecting data in the field was requested in the framework of the opening of the Open Doors organization in the neighborhood. These walks will provide accurate information on

  • Phase II of the Handbook for Coordination Analysis Implementation Project

    In 2016 and 2017, the ICPC received two grants from the Motorola Solutions Foundation. The grant received in 2016 was used to fund Phase I of the ICPC’s project, which focused on developing a handbook for coordination evaluation using social network analysis: a tool for local actors. This handbook provides an