Discussion on the impact of street gangs on girls: trauma, sexual exploitation and violence

On 8 June, the ICPC took part in a lunchtime talk at which Anne-Marie Ducharme, a doctoral student in psychoeducation at the University of Sherbrooke, presented a report on the clinical consequences of trauma suffered by adolescent girls in contact with street gangs and their involvment with sexual exploitation and violence.  

The meeting, which brought together various institutional, academic and community players, including members of RÉSAL, allowed the ICPC to benefit from the experience gained by stakeholders in the field, to learn about the concerns shared by the practice groups and to make conceptual progress on its projects funded by the Urban Safety Laboratory of the Quebec Ministry of Public Safety on recruitment by street gangs and the sexual exploitation of teenagers. 

ICPC participation in an IBCR youth evening

ICPC is proud to have participated in the event “Mieux prévenir l’exploitation sexuelle: Parole aux Jeunes!”, organized by the International Bureau for Children’s Rights (IBCR) on May 11 at the Centre PHI in Montreal.

The event gave a voice to young people and discussed the important issue of sexual exploitation of young people, particularly in the context of the current pandemic.

The event represented the culmination of two years of hard work by five groups of young teens from the Greater Montreal area who had participated in the “Parole aux jeunes!” project. Over 70 teenagers (aged 14 to 17) took a close look at the complex issue of sexual exploitation of young people, particularly in the context of the current pandemic. The teens shared their perspectives, exchanged ideas, and reacted to recent prevention campaigns in the province, in order to better understand the problem and make recommendations to combat this scourge.

Some recommendations suggested by the teens:

  • Partnership with a well-known Instagrammer or celebrity to raise awareness and make the subject less taboo
  • Training for parents
  • Explain to young people how to recognize toxic signs.

In conclusion, the ICPC is proud to have taken part in the event “Preventing sexual exploitation: Young People Speak Out” organized by the IBCR, and is committed to an ongoing exploration of mutual collaboration on similar themes, with a common concern for prevention.

Participation of the ICPC in a session of exchange of experiences and innovation of the Inter-American Community of Crime Observatories

The first session of the 2023 Inter-American Community of Crime Observatories, Department of Public Security of the Organization of American States, was held on April 26. The ICPC was represented at the event by Oscar Figueroa, the organization’s Latin American consultant.

The session focused on the transfer of prevention and security models between two municipalities in the region, and the important role played by Observatories in the design, implementation, and monitoring of projects. Representatives from the municipality of Peñalolén (Chile) and the municipality of Nezahualcóyotl (Mexico) shared their respective models of rights promotion and social prevention, as well as their model of social proximity, and also shared the lessons learned from the exchange and transfers carried out. Security experts emphasized the importance of collaboration and communication between crime observatories to achieve effective security solutions.