A new employee joins the ICPC

This month, the ICPC welcomed a new employee: Janny Montinat.

Janny, Research Assistant, has a master’s in international law and politics from the Université du Québec à Montréal. Through working on many projects, she has gained experience in multilateral cooperation, digital rights, and personal data protection in Africa. Moreover, she is particularly interested in citizen engagement, public policy analysis, and issues related to human mobility. Welcome to the team!

ICPC continues to participate in the “Change the World” webinar series

On February 10, ICPC participated as a panelist in the webinar entitled "Knowledge Systems to Enable Urban Safety" organized by the Alliance of NGOs on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice in collaboration with the African Policing Civilian Oversight Forum (APCOF) ainsi que l’organisation Fixed. This webinar addressed opportunities and concerns linked to knowledge building, data, adaptive learning and the link between knowledge, policy and practice. Among the questions addressed were: How to democratize the safe use of data? How to integrate different types of data? How to build the credibility and usability of qualitative data? How to better manage data and knowledge to support good policy?

Click here to watch ICPC’s contribution:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yqdReJkHSqs