New employee joins ICPC team

In early September, we welcomed a new employee to the ICPC: Florilène Cornier.

Florilène, analyst and project officer, holds a double master’s degree in political science (Sciences Po Aix) and urban planning (University of Montreal) and is actively interested in issues related to improving citizens’ living environment and strengthening their capacity to act on their environment.

With the ICPC, she will be specialized in urban management and multi-stakeholder participation. Welcome!

New employees join ICPC team

At the beginning of July, we welcomed two new employees to the ICPC: Melissa Champagne and Sonia Ouimet.

Melissa, research assistant, holds a bachelor’s degree in criminology, intervention profile, from the Université de Montréal and is currently completing a master’s in criminology in criminological analysis. She is doing her master’s project on the effects of the pandemic on police interrogation results.

Sonia, research assistant intern, is doing a master’s with thesis in criminology at the Université de Montréal. She has worked in halfway houses with people with criminal records and with the Montreal CAVAC team working on sexual exploitation.

They will mainly be working on a criminality report for the city of Montreal and on supporting the ICPC’s technical assistance projects. Welcome!

The ICPC welcomes two new communications interns

At the end of the month of May, it was our pleasure to welcome two new communications interns to the ICPC: Miriam Blair and Adriana Gonzalez.

Miriam is finishing her bachelor’s degree in International Studies and Modern Languages at Laval University with a focus on communications. She is interested in furthering international cooperation on crime that transcends borders, especially human trafficking.

Adriana is currently completing a bachelor’s degree in Communications and Public Relations at the University of Quebec in Montreal. She is particularly interested in the development of communication strategies within public organizations.

They will be working together with our Communications Manager to develop the ICPC’s communications strategies in crime prevention and to bring you more news from us across all our platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube). Welcome to our team!