A Youth Strategy Action Plan developed by VSP

The borough of Villeray-Saint-Michel-Parc-Extension (VSP) mandated the ICPC to develop an analysis of the causes identified and the existing protective factors surrounding the violence committed and suffered by young users of François-Perrault Park in Montreal. It is on the basis of the causes identified and the recommendations of the ICPC experts in violence prevention that the Borough developed its Youth Crime Prevention Strategy.   

In addition, VSP has granted hundreds of thousands of dollars to fund numerous projects by partner organizations that support young people aged 12 to 25 on its territory. All of the projects suggested by VSP are directly linked to the strategy, particularly in terms of the following objectives:  

  • To further promote social inclusion and participation of young people  
  • Promote positive role models and pathways to success  
  • Equip young people to manage their emotions and develop social and interpersonal skills
  • Strengthen parenting skills and competencies  

For more information, download the Action Plan here (the Action Plan is only available in French) 

Job offer : Communications Assistant – Summer 2022

As part of the Young Canada Works in Both Official Languages (YCWBOL) program, the ICPC is seeking to fill the position of Communications Assistant for the summer of 2022. Their tasks will include to assist the Communications Team in the implementation of the ICPC communications strategy, and to support the planning, management and promotion of the organization’s communications efforts to reach its target audiences. This is a cross-functional role that directly affects the organization’s activities before, during and after their deployment.

The objective of the summer employment activities is to provide the student with the opportunity to develop and evaluate their acquired knowledge in the field of communications in order to be able to apply it in a professional setting.

Reporting to the Communications Manager, the assistant will more specifically support two main projects:

– Promote engagement among members who have joined the organization’s network through the development of a long-term communication strategy (consolidation of the relationship with members, fostering exchanges, support, promotion).

– Support the organization of an international conference on the theme of safety in public transportation (mobilization of participants, online promotional strategy, writing and follow-up emails, organizing speakers’ travel, writing translation and revision of preparation documents)

The deadline to submit an application is on May 16, 2022. The deadline for applications has been extended to May 31, 2022.

*Applications are now closed.

To see the full job offer: Communications Assistant – Summer 2022

ICPC releases the first crime report in the Urban Agglomeration of Montreal

The ICPC has published its first report  on crime in the Agglomeration of Montreal. 

The report provides an overview of the offences that took place in the territory over the last few years, for the nineteen boroughs and fourteen related cities that make up the Urban Agglomeration of Montreal. It allows us, among other things, to know and understand the crime data collected according to the rules of the Uniform Crime Reporting Survey (UCR 2.2) of the Quebec Ministry of Public Safety, from 2015 to 2020. 

This report is divided into two sections with six chapters: 

- The first section presents the state of crime in Montreal and specifically addresses the evolving trends in crimes against the person and crimes against property, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the latter, as well as the spatial, geographical and relational dimensions of crime in the territory. 

- The second section focuses on specific issues of concern to policy makers.  

The chapters included in this section integrate an in-depth analysis of the components of offences related to the themes of sexual offences and conjugal and intra-family violence. 

Discover the report here

The report is only available in French.

A new Research Assistant joins the team

In April 2022, the ICPC welcomed a new employee to the team: Mikael Labrie.

Mikael, Research Assistant, has a bachelor’s degree in security and police studies from the University of Montreal and a certificate in cyber-investigation from Polytechnique Montreal. Before joining the team, he worked in the private security field. He is particularly interested in issues related to street gangs and organized crime in Montreal, as well as the phenomenon of radicalization, having completed an internship report on radicalization within the Canadian armed forces. Welcome to the team!

The ICPC took part in a CMCNP Workshop

On March 24, 2022, the ICPC was pleased to attend the workshop on the Role of School Professionals in the Prevention of Social Polarization and Violent Radicalization, organized by the Canadian Municipal Network on Crime Prevention.

A panel discussion highlighted some of the research and stimulated knowledge exchange to better understand and build school-based approaches to prevent social polarisation and violent radicalisation.

Among other things, this workshop allowed for interdisciplinary and multi-stakeholder collaboration among participants to meet, learn from, and hear from practitioners and service providers in the area of social polarization and radicalization leading to violence, as well as school professionals (i.e. teachers, administrators, social workers, etc.) from across Canada.

We would like to thank the RMCPC for the invitation.

For more information: Video: School Professionals and the Prevention of Social Polarization and Violent Radicalization​ – YouTube

The ICPC took part in a forum on Racism, Antiracism and Indigenous Issues, organized by the IRIPI

On March 17 and 18, the ICPC had the pleasure of attending the forum on Racism, Antiracism and Indigenous Issues, organized by the Institut de Recherche sur l’Intégration Professionnelle des Immigrants (IRIPI). This forum aimed to advocate collective mobilization by addressing manifestations of racism. It also aimed to shed light on the progress and blind spots that persist in many areas.

Several presentations were made, providing information on Aboriginal issues in various settings: schools, CEGEPs, universities and workplace. Good practices as well as guides for intervention and research in Aboriginal environments were also shared.

Thank you for the invitation.

Standing in solidarity with the people of Ukraine

The International Centre for the Prevention of Crime, whose mission is to promote the most effective strategies and practices in the prevention of crime and violence, strongly condemns the unjustified violation of international law, norms and principles committed in the context of the invasion of the state of Ukraine.

For the past few weeks, the country has been facing an international conflict undermining the security of communities and respect for norms and standards of human rights and justice. The use of force in Ukraine is an act of aggression and a threat to peace and security in Europe and the world.

The ICPC expresses its solidarity with the people in Ukraine as well as with those fleeing the country, their relatives, women, children, the elderly and other vulnerable groups facing such suffering.

We would like to emphasize the importance of advocating for the efforts of local governments and leaders, along with the international community, to support the people and collectively engage in order to achieve peace.

For more information on how to get involved in Canada: https://www.ucc.ca/


The ICPC took part in the second day of the Forum on the fight against gun violence

On March 31, 2022, the ICPC was pleased to attend the second day of the Forum montréalais pour la lutte contre la violence armée : s’unir pour la jeunesse (Montreal Forum on Combating Gun Violence: Uniting for Youth), organized by the SPVM and the City of Montreal. The objectives of this forum were to:

  1. Promote communication between institutional and community partners working with Montreal youth;
  2. Identify levers to encourage collaboration and find concrete solutions, taking into account the mission and expertise of each partner;
  3. Develop a concerted Montreal model that mobilizes all stakeholders.

During the day, strategic partners presented themselves in order to establish common commitments to counter the phenomenon of gun violence. The influence of social media and the need to share information were also discussed during the event.

“The fight against gun violence requires a global response”, emphasized the SPVM. ” Therefore, we must all contribute, each in our own way, according to our respective roles, missions, and expertise. We all have a responsibility to make commitments that will bring about change for Montreal’s youth.”

For more information: https://sync-stream.tv/spvm_forum/