The ICPC mandated by the MSP to carry out a local safety audit in Pakua Shipi

Through the Municipal Support Programme (MSP), which provides funding to municipal organisations with populations of less than 100,000 in the province of Quebec, the ICPC has been mandated to carry out a local safety audit for the community of Pakua Shipi. This initiative, supported by the provincial government, aims to strengthen community safety and prevent crime through a range of preventive measures.  

A small Innu community on the Lower North Shore with a population of 350, Pakua Shipi’s geographical isolation makes it difficult to provide a range of quality public services. This leads to challenges in hiring and retaining staff, and consequently impacts the socio-economic conditions of the population. In addition, various historical events linked to colonisation have resulted in traumas being passed down through the generations, leading to a number of social and economic problems. 

In this context, the ICPC’s expertise in carrying out a local safety audit is an essential first step in assessing safety and violence issues in the community, before putting in place long-term solutions and an action plan for the community. 

This project was completed in 2022 and finished in 2023.