Prévention Montréal: Mobilizing young people to fight exclusion and discrimination

On 19 June 2023, at the Maison du développement durable, the ICPC was pleased to take part in an information session on the regional component (2023-2025) of the “Prévention Montréal” programme, presented by members of the City of Montréal’s Service de la diversité et de l’inclusion sociale (SDIS).   

Created in 2020, Prévention Montréal helps to include citizens aged 0-30 at risk of exclusion and discrimination by mobilizing and consulting them. The programme helps to strengthen their civic and social commitment by helping them to learn more about their rights, but also by promoting their participation through sport, leisure and culture.   

By adopting more inclusive public initiatives, notably through the ADS+ approach (Gender and Intersectionality Analysis), the City of Montreal hopes to promote high-quality, safe living environments in the future, particularly on the Internet, by raising awareness and preventing cyber-violence.  

Aware of the importance of this initiative, the ICPC stressed the importance of launching a project specifically focused on “support for stakeholders”. This project would make it possible to support local participants, organisations and community initiatives that are actively working to prevent exclusion and discrimination in order to make an active contribution to building a society that is inclusive, egalitarian and respectful of all.