ICPC attends ADS+ training session

ICPC attended an Analyse différenciée selon les sexes intersectionnelle (ADS+) training session (Intersectional Gender Analysis), on the theme of violence prevention and urban safety. This training session, with a cross-cutting approach to countering discrimination, was offered by Relais-femmes, in collaboration with the City of Montreal.

More specifically, its objectives were to:

  • Understand the impact of stereotypes and systemic discrimination in the lives of individuals;
  • Develop a shared understanding of gender-based and intersectional analysis;
  • And to learn about concrete applications of ADS+ in the city of Montreal.

It offered a better understanding of how to use effective and necessary tools to integrate gender-based and intersectional analysis at each stage of a project cycle: more accurate data, a more accurate picture of the needs of marginalized social groups, more inclusive communication and events, more comprehensive impact assessments, etc.