The ICPC takes part in the Support Program for Municipalities

This spring, the ICPC finished its first year of three as part of the Support Program for Municipalities (SPM) 2019-2022, by the Quebec Ministry of Public Security. This program helps provide funding to municipal organisations, including indigenous organisations, in municipalities of fewer than 100 000 people, to allow them to create and implement preventive actions adapted to crime and safety issues that concern them. 

By financing action plans and prevention measures, the SPM can counteract the emergence of new problems or the worsening of old ones, as much among youth as among adults, around issues such as: 

  • Crime and victimization; 
  • Lawlessness and incivility;
  • The perception and the feeling of safety;
  • Assessment of services available to the population. 

In keeping with Quebec Ministry of Public Security’s mandate as part of the SPM in crime prevention, the ICPC has been mandated to accompany ten municipalities in putting together a structured procedure for crime prevention intervention planning, phase 1 of the SPM.  

The ten municipalities in question are: 

  • L’Épiphanie 
  • Notre-Dame-des-Prairies 
  • Joliette 
  • Notre-Dame-de-Ham 
  • Sainte-Brigitte-de-Laval 
  • Sainte-Julie 
  • Saint-Prime 
  • Avignon RCM 
  • Pakua Shipi 
  • Wemotaci Atikamekw Council