Visit from a Cameroonian delegation to the ICPC: towards closer collaboration for Urban Safety

On Tuesday the 26th of June, the ICPC had the pleasure of hosting the President of the RC3D (Réseau pour la Coopération Décentralisée et le Développement Durable), Ms Angèle Bagnia, and Mr Jean Bruno Tagne, Director General.   

An active partner of the ICPC for many years, the RC3D promotes international and inter-professional exchanges of experience and knowledge sharing, in order to create a platform for exchange that is unique in Africa and Canada.  

We were also honored to welcome a delegation of mayors from the Cameroonian capital Douala: Mr Jean-Jacques Lengue Malapa, mayor of the Douala 1st Disctrict, Mr Valentin Epoupa Bossambo, mayor of the Douala 3rd Disctrict, and Mr Richard Mfeungwang, mayor of the Douala 5th Disctrict.  

It was also an opportunity to discuss the ICPC’s participation in a session on urban safety during the 8th edition of the RC3D’s Forum for Decentralised Cooperation and Development (FOCODDEV), which will take place in Montreal from 27 November to 1 December 2023. In addition, this discussion focused on the aim of establishing ICPC’s Urban Safety Lab model adapted in Cameroon.