The ICPC took part in a Forum on the fight against gun violence

On February 24, 2022, the ICPC was pleased to attend the Forum montréalais pour la lutte contre la violence armée : s’unir pour la jeunesse (Montreal Forum on Gun Violence: Uniting for Youth), organized by the SPVM and the City of Montreal. The objectives of this forum were to:   

  1. Promote communication between institutional and community partners working with Montreal youth;
  2. Identify levers for collaboration and find concrete solutions, taking into account the mission and expertise of each partner; 
  3. Develop a concerted Montreal model that mobilizes all stakeholders. 

The morning was devoted to various presentations related to the theme, including a status report on gun violence in the territory, a presentation of the work of the Comité stratégique de partenaires pour lutter contre la violence, a presentation of the results of Montréal sécuritaire pour les jeunes (Montreal Safe for Youth) meeting, and a presentation of best practices in gun violence prevention.   

The afternoon was devoted to sub-group work in order to identify avenues for action, as concerted action is a necessity on these issues.   

The forum will continue on 31 March 2022 with a working day to agree on common commitments to the priority actions identified.