The 3rd International Report on Crime Prevention and Community Safety (2012)

ICPC is pleased to announce the release of the third edition of its International Report in English, French and Spanish.

The ICPC’s 2012 International Report on Crime Prevention and Community Safety presents key subjects on the international agenda regarding crime and violence, highlighting forms in which prevention can address these issues to generate more resilient and cohesive communities around the world.

The third edition of the Report focuses on five topics of significance for crime prevention policymaking at the international level: Human Trafficking, Informal Settlements, Post-Conflict and Post-Disaster Areas, Drug Production in Developed Countries and ICPC’s own Global Survey on Safety in Cities. It analyses these issues from the prevention perspective and contributes to the larger debate on responses to crime using ICPC’s 18 years of expertize in the field.

The International Report provides information and tools to help governments, local authorities, international organizations and other actors implement successful crime prevention policies in their countries, cities and communities. Download the 2012 International Report (PDF)