The ICPC took part in a CMCNP Workshop

On March 24, 2022, the ICPC was pleased to attend the workshop on the Role of School Professionals in the Prevention of Social Polarization and Violent Radicalization, organized by the Canadian Municipal Network on Crime Prevention.

A panel discussion highlighted some of the research and stimulated knowledge exchange to better understand and build school-based approaches to prevent social polarisation and violent radicalisation.

Among other things, this workshop allowed for interdisciplinary and multi-stakeholder collaboration among participants to meet, learn from, and hear from practitioners and service providers in the area of social polarization and radicalization leading to violence, as well as school professionals (i.e. teachers, administrators, social workers, etc.) from across Canada.

We would like to thank the RMCPC for the invitation.

For more information: Video: School Professionals and the Prevention of Social Polarization and Violent Radicalization​ – YouTube