The CIPC on an international mission in Dubai

Keeping with its international character, the ICPC was invited on a mission in Dubai to participate in the World Police Summit 2023, from March 7 to 9, organized by the Dubaï police. Other meetings were concluded throughout the week, marked by knowledge sharing from different crime-related networks worldwide.

On March 7, ICPC Director General, Ann Champoux, offered a presentation to nearly 200 people about the work the organization has done over its nearly 30-year existence. During her conference, “Challenges facing the crime detection and prevention systems: a road map for the future”, the Director General also presented the positive experience of the Urban Safety Laboratory and its successful implementation within the City of Montreal. The perspective of working in collaboration with police services, under this governance model, to provide accurate data analysis for the aim of preventing crime in a city, generated the interest of the audience.

On Wednesday, March 8, a meeting with the Canadian Consul in Dubai was held at the Canadian Consulate offices. Ann Champoux and Jean-Philippe Linteau explored the possibilities of development and collaboration in crime prevention, analyzing the situation in the region and possible local partnerships.

On March 9 morning, Ms. Champoux met with Major Ahmed al Marri and Major Mohamed Al Hammade from Dubai Police’s Crime Prevention Department. They discussed the various crime issues in both countries, mainly related to cyber violence and ICPC’s expertise in security in mobility. Thank you to the Dubai Police for your interest in our work and for possible partnerships between our institutions.