Participation of the ICPC in the Laval Synergie initiative

The ICPC was happy to take part in the Synergie Forum held in Laval from 27 to 28 September, the theme of which was “Urban Violence Dialogue”.   

Organized by the Pôle Lavallois d’enseignement supérieur en arts numériques et économie créative, the purpose of the Synergie Forum was to bring together members of the Laval community to examine the problems, challenges and best practices for reducing gun violence and juvenile delinquency in the city. 

During the two days, the ICPC participated in two innovative presentations. On the first day, which focused more specifically on the theme of urban violence, Michelle Côté, scientific advisor, took part in a panel to present the organization, its Urban Safety Lab, and examples of inspiring practices aimed at developing a shared vision in the combat against crime. Then, on the second day, with discussions focusing on prevention and intervention, Janny Montinat, analyst, discussed various possible issues linked to the glorification of firearms among young people on social networks and presented local and international approaches on how to prevent this phenomenon.   

This participation enabled the ICPC to reaffirm its mission to prevent crime with its partners in Laval and to learn more about prevention practices in the area of urban violence.   

Thank you for the invitation!