Community Safety Workers

Faced with the sense of insecurity, due to inherent limitations in the police’s actions and the repressive approaches to prevent the crime due to the social factors, and to answer the need of a global approach of prevention and safety including the participation of the residents, new practices of prevention and safety have been developed in several countries.

The purpose of this report is to explore the emergence of a small number of new "businesses" of prevention and safety in England and Wales, France, Belgium, Australia and South Africa. For each country, only one type of "new business" is used. The general context of public policy is mentioned, and the description of the business presents its structure, responsibilities, recruitment and training of officers who exercise.

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The Prevention of Residential Burglaries

Being in the development of a particularly widespread form of criminality, many actors have sought effective and sustainable ways of prevention. The report presents the results of six local projects conducted in Australia, New Zealand, Quebec and the United Kingdom all of which have been evaluated. The Prevention of Residential Burglaries in other countries, including Belgium, Finland and France are also discussed.

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Urban Space Management: Key Elements for an Integrated Approach to Community Safety

Public space management safer is becoming an increasing priority for many local governments and cities given complaints of disorder from citizens, crime trends in urban areas and its potential impact on the population’s feelings of insecurity. The report, commissioned by the Montreal Police Service, presents some main developments and issues, suggests some key elements that could form part of a model for comparative analysis on issues related to the management of public space such as homelessness, drugs, prostitution and public nuisance, and draws on the city of Montreal to assess the applicability of this model. The report also provides some examples of cities which are working to effectively manage public spaces in relation to the above themes, through collaborative approaches to crime prevention.

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