Comparative Approaches to Urban Crime Prevention Focusing on Youth

The present paper aims to provide a brief overview of what we have learned recently about youths and their involvement in urban crime, and the experience gained from many countries on crime prevention; it looks at the principles that should guide our relations with young people with a view to preventing urban crime; and provides some examples of effective and promising strategies and practices from around the world.

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Measuring Police Performance

International Experience

This review of experience focusing on methods established in nine cities, provinces or countries as from a questioning which is almost universal: how to measure the activities of police departments to meet the diverse needs of citizens, leaders and police themselves. Among these activities, it appears that the measurement of prevention is more complex to perform. The police are confronted by the difficulty of defining indicators of facts that have not occurred and measurement tools for the prevention of many different classical statistical tools.

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Quebec Observatory on Safety and Prevention

Taking Stock

This report presents an analysis of safety and prevention in Quebec following the work initiated by the ICPC on behalf of the Government of Quebec for the implementation of an observatory for the prevention and safety in Quebec’s environment.

The complete report is only available in french, a synthesis is available in english.

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Maximizing the effectiveness of technical assistance provided by Member States in crime prevention and criminal justice

15th UN Commission on Crime Prevention & Criminal Justice

This workshop has been developed by the Programme Network Institutes (PNI)
affiliated with the Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Programme and addresses one f the main themes of the 15th Session of the Commission: how to maximize the effectiveness of technical assistance in the area of crime prevention and criminal justice.

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Public-Private-Community Action towards Safety : A Focus on Housing in Disadvantaged Neighbourhoods

Compendium of practices

In particular, following from ICPC’s previous work on private sector involvement in prevention, this collection highlights the roles of the private sector in a range of initiatives to enhance safety in ‘housing communities’. These include good design and planning of housing, housing management, prevention, and intervention programmes helping to strengthen the protective factors of at –risk youth.

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