ICPC’s 11th Colloquium: Crime Prevention in a Mobile World

ICPC in association with the city of Palermo and Consorzio Nova Onlus,organized its 11th Colloquium on the theme “Crime Prevention in a Mobile World’’ on November 17 to 19 2014 at Castello Utveggio in Palermo, Italy. The proposed theme for the 2014 Colloquium provided a valuable opportunity to focus on a growing phenomenon – the increasing mobility of society and the development of technologies we use. The Colloquium explored the outcomes of this phenomenon; namely the emergence of new types of and trends in crime, as well as changes in ongoing issues (e.g. domestic violence).

The Colloquium explored the following themes:

- Mobility and community safety
- Moving people: safety in public transport
- Violence against women and the gendered dimension of migration
- Borderless crimes: Trends and developments in human trafficking
- Drug-related crimes: Causes and consequences of an increasingly mobile world
- Urban migration and the role of cities
- Preventing radicalization and exploring its link with globalization
- Security sector reforms
- Current international debates and perspectives for evidence-based prevention strategie

The Colloquium was deemed very successful in terms of organization, program, diversity of participants, quality of the presentations and discussions.  It was attended by 200 participants from 21 countries (4 continents).

- 54 speakers, 11 workshops, 1 Plenary session.


Press Coverage

Interview, Ms. Chantal Bernier, President, ICP