The ICPC published a report on the analysis of criminal incidents involving the use of a firearm in the Greater Montreal area

In Montreal today, one issue is causing concern: gun-related violence. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, a troubling trend seems to be emerging: an increase in incidents involving firearms in the heart of the city, with the majority of victims under the age of 25. This growing concern has led the International Centre for the Prevention of Crime to carry out an in-depth study to fully grasp the phenomenon and understand its players, thanks to the financial support of the Quebec Ministry of Public Security.    

By examining these events, the ICPC aims to provide essential elements for a better understanding of this complex reality and to find ways of dealing with it.   

Analyzing incidents involving a firearm from 2015 to 2020, which represent more than 924 criminal cases recorded by the Montreal City Police Service, the primary aim of this report is to shed light on the context in which firearms are used in the Greater Montreal area, based on the criminal offence codes used.   

The report is therefore as follows: 

    • A detailed analysis of general trends in the form of figures.   
    • A profile of the alleged perpetrators and victims, as well as the links between them, and the places and times of the incidents.  
    • A discussion and relevant recommendations. 

    Read the report here (only available in French)