6th International Report on Crime Prevention and Community Safety: Preventing Cybercrime (2018)

ICPC is pleased to announce the release of our 6th International Report focusing on the prevention of cybercrime.

The sixth edition of the International Report is concerned with the overarching theme of cybercrime and how does one prevent it. As in previous publications, this new edition starts with an international overview of crime and its prevention. Four separate chapters then look in more detail at cybercrime-related issues such as crime in a digital world, cybercrimes, cybercriminals and cybervictims, cybercrime prevention approaches and public-private partnerships in cybercrime prevention.

Published every two years since 2008,The International Report provides essential information and tools to help governments, local authorities, international organizations and practitioners implement successful crime prevention policies in their countries, cities and communities.

Download the Executive Summary of the Report.

Download the full Report.