Phase II of the Handbook for Coordination Analysis Implementation Project

In 2016 and 2017, the ICPC received two grants from the Motorola Solutions Foundation. The grant received in 2016 was used to fund Phase I of the ICPC’s project, which focused on developing a handbook for coordination evaluation using social network analysis: a tool for local actors. This handbook provides an innovative tool for local partners to help them assess their coordination systems autonomously. The social network analysis (SNA) methodology combines an evaluation model with an analysis of actors and social networks, offering an assessment of local partners and coordination systems, as well as a continuous follow-up and evaluation from the design to the implementation of local crime prevention strategies, programmes, and policies.

The second grant from the Motorola Solutions Foundation in the amount of US $ 40,000 in 2017 allowed the ICPC to start Phase II of the project which aims to implement the handbook in three pilot cities: Bogotá (Colombia), Montreal (Canada), and possibly Ciudad Juarez (Mexico). Through these pilot projects, the ICPC hopes to provide training to local partners in the evaluation process of methodological participation using the handbook.