COVID-19: The measures taken by the International Centre for the Prevention of Crime

COVID-19: The measures taken by the International Centre for the Prevention of Crime

Montreal, March 27th 2020

The International Centre for the Prevention of Crime (ICPC) is concerned about the global pandemic situation linked to COVID-19. In accordance with government directives, all of our normal activities have been adapted to take the necessary precautions and measures to ensure the health and safety of our team and participate in the collective preventive containment effort. Consequently, the ICPC has reduced its staff temporarily, but remains accessible by email. Travel related to forums and other international meetings is suspended until further notice. Finally, the recruitment of research assistants and trainees is currently suspended and postponed to an indefinite date.

Given the gravity of this health crisis, these new government measures have and will have a direct impact on the most vulnerable people in our society. We are already seeing a worldwide increase in hate crimes and racism against certain communities, as well as a significant increase in domestic violence. In addition, social distancing measures make the accessibility and availability of services to victims of violence, or those in situations of marginalization, complex and restrictive. Some organizations, which normally welcome populations at risk, must now close their doors, thus increasing the risk factors for these individuals.

Since its foundation, the mission of the ICPC has been to promote the most promising strategies and practices in the prevention of crime and violence. Mindful of this commitment, we have decided to carry out, over the next few weeks, a monitoring of the challenges raised by the crisis linked to COVID-19. The primary objective will not be to compile the issues raised by this crisis, but rather to inform the various levels of government, civil society and citizens on the initiatives taken around the world to deal with these different issues. We invite you to follow us on social media in the coming days and weeks to find out more.

Finally, to find out about the measures taken by the health authorities of the City of Montreal, the governments of Quebec and Canada and the World Health Organization (WHO), we invite you to consult the resources available here:

We invite you to stay informed and follow the recommendations of the various levels of government.

Ann Champoux
General Director