Study on domestic violence – Government of Norway (2013-2015)

Since May 2013, ICPC has been conducting a research study commissioned by the  Government of Norway to identify strategies and practices implemented around the world which aim to tackle and prevent domestic violence. The report include an overview of the legislative measures and action plans as well as the evaluated programmes developed in different countries, and offer recommendations based on good practices for the prevention of domestic violence.

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Aboriginal Justice Research Project

The Aboriginal Justice Research Project was produced under the supervision of the Native Women’s Shelter of Montreal and the ICPC.

ICPC is a member of the Justice sub-Committee of the Montreal Urban Aboriginal Community Strategy Network (NETWORK), which offers a space for groups working on Aboriginal issues in Montreal to gather, exchange and collaborate on various initiatives. The sub-Committee works on Aboriginal safety issues and is closely examining the elevated exposure of Aboriginal people to the criminal justice system. In February 2012, the sub-Committee was granted funding by Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC) to engage in a research project - Aboriginal Justice Research Project. The project was led by ICPC and assessed the need to expand Aboriginal-specific programming (before, during and after custody) for Aboriginal people coming into contact with the criminal justice system in Montreal. The research involved a combination of 63 semi-structured interviews and unstructured in-depth interviews, which were conducted in English and French, in person, over the phone or via email and were carried out in March and April 2012. The main report provides a description of the research, the results and the recommendations.

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Comparative report on types of intervention used for youth at risk of joining a street gang

Practices from Belgium, Canada and France

This comparative analysis report explores different modes of intervention aimed at identifying at-risk youth and promoting dialogue and gang disaffiliation in Canada, Belgium and France.

The report contains three chapters, each on a specific country and 11 initiatives (3 Belgian, 4 French and 4 Canadian) are examined.

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Practical approaches to urban crime prevention

Proceeding of the Workshop held at the 12th UN Congress on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice, Salvador, Brazil, April 12-19, 2010

The Workshop on Practical Approaches to Preventing Urban Crime during the 12th United Nations Congress on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice presented successful crime prevention policies and strategies in mega-cities and high crime-rate cities including Sao Paulo, Brazil, Lagos, Nigeria and Cairo, Egypt. It also discussed responses to social exclusion and migration and tools to support crime prevention. Most important, it presented concrete examples of how collaboration between urban planners, civil society, government officials, and different types of police can help to prevent crime.

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