Filling the gaps: integrated approaches to crime prevention and safety, Cape Town, South Africa

The ICPC, in association with the South African government and South African Police Service (SAPS), organized its 10th Bi-annual Colloquium called “Filling the gaps: integrated approaches to crime prevention and safety’’ from February 20 to 22, 2012, at Upper Eastside Hotel in Cape Town, South Africa.

The proposed theme for the 2012 Colloquium provided a valuable opportunity to focus on traditional and new sectors working on crime prevention, with debate and dialogue informed by international experts. This event aimed to promote innovative partnerships to respond to community safety challenges.

The Colloquium explored the following themes:

  • National crime prevention policies
  • Criminal justice and crime prevention
  • The role of policing in crime prevention
  • Local governance and safety
  • Evidence and policy making
  • Public-private partnerships and crime prevention
  • Cities, development and armed violence

The Colloquium was deemed very successful in terms of organization, program, diversity of participants, quality of the presentations and discussions. It was attended by 220 participants from 20 countries.


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